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How To Install Handrails For Concrete Steps

Concrete stairs can be made dangerous and slick to walk on by ice and water. Installing hand rails will help reduce the risk of falling on stairs as it will give support to the unbalanced person. You can be able to install handrails for concrete steps on your own if you have a guide that will show you how to go about it.


Handrails are available in many shapes, sizes and materials. This means that you have to be very careful when you are choosing a particular type. The things that you should keep in mind are quality and cost. Try as much as possible to get the highest quality handrails that you can afford. If you are lucky, you may find some that even meet your tastes and / or preferences. Shop around before you make up your mind.

The handrails you choose for concrete steps should be made from metal. Metal is very durable and it acts as a very strong support. Buy a metal stair kit that has all the components for the stair railing. The stair railing of your choice should be easy to grip. It should also stand above the stair tread a distance of approximately 30 to 45 inches.

Things you will need

You will need some items to help you with your project. Some of these items may be improvised if they are not readily available. The items you need are:

Railing brackets

Vertical railing balusters


Step 1

Start by marking the locations where each vertical baluster will be on the tread of the stair. The railing brackets should be placed in the locations marked. By placing them on these locations, they will act as the pilot holes’ guides. Select the location the bracket screws will be placed on the stair tread. At this location, a masonry bit should be used to drill holes. A masonry bit is used because it is the best for drilling holes on stone or concrete.

Step 2

The brackets should be lined over the holes you have drilled. Now you can screw the lead masonry anchors and screws into the pilot holes. This move will ensure the brackets are fastened to the treads. At this point you will be halfway through with installation of handrails for concrete steps.

Step 3

The bottom of every baluster should be fit into the brackets. Once they have been secured, tighten the screws that have been set with a wrench to make sure the baluster is held into the bracket.

Step 4

Fit the rails (the intermediate, bottom and top) to the balusters. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions due to the variations in the railing. Finish by tightening all screws that are set with a screwdriver or wrench.


From these instructions and tips, it is quite evident that installing handrails for concrete steps is not a daunting task. All the same, it is advisable to wear protective clothing and ask for assistance should you feel like you have hit a dead end. Assistance can be provided by your local building or construction contractors.

Posted on Aug 19, 2013
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